The Net Is A Circuit Of Safety Concerns

I love articles like THIS that downplay the online threat… Sure being abducted is a slim chance, but so is being in a fatal car accident – and they happen every day. You may have a slim chance of getting hit by lightning or winning the lottery, but it still happens. Therefore, it must stay on the radar.

And how much do we really trust that teens are telling the truth about being contacted??

Bottom line is that kids are kids and they need protection. And guess what – parents are responsible. Not lawmakers, friends or organizations… PARENTS!!

And parents, part of being responsible is not believing the hype… but also not fully believing everything your child tells you about their online adventures. Let’s face it, teens are going to lie. But you should still know everything your kid does online – while walking that fine line of great parenting and letting the child retain some privacy, of course.

PC Pandora is a fantastic tool to let you do just that. You can monitor everything your child does, and intervene when necessary. But the most important thing is that you will have a great peace of mind for less than $50!

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  1. Cody Says:

    This is cool there are many things out there like this but the price of this is excellent. Besides how it stacks up to the competition what about the morals of this, personally I do not like the fat of this. Let’s face it kids are smart, they are going to figure out some time that you are tracking them. So in my opinion tell them what not to do have soem faith and trust them.

  2. Ken Says:

    I like to adopt the idea of fear through paranoia. Maybe if the kids know or think they are being watched, they won’t be so risky. That is one thing parents don’t have these days, their child’s fear. And one thing kids don’t have these days, basic respect for their parents. That leads them to do whatever they want, and to do take bigger and bigger chances with each generation. Drinking, drugs, sex, cyberbullying, meeting people in real life on the net… maybe if parents were watching and trying to intervene and get tough with their kids we wouldn’t be in this sad state of affairs where basically young teens are so ridiculously over-the-top reckless and ruthless. Parents have barely any control these days. How do you think that is going to work out when the teens are in the workplace in 10-15 years? How will it work if they have no respect? I saw a report the other day about the kids looking for jobs now think they are prized possessions and that “well, if you won’t hire me, then someone else will – it’s your loss.” Hilarious, because all the folks in charge of hiring are laughing at these kids – knowing they won’t get a job with an attitude like that.

    Wow… I guess I went on a rant and off topic there. You get the point though. Parents need to be more involved. PC Pandora monitoring software can help you do just that!

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