Two Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Ok… that’s misleading… there is only one Turkey in here – the other one is commendable. Here are two stories worth checking out:

    STORY #1

From last week… Melissa Clark at NBC 10 News (KTVE) in West Monroe, LA, did a great piece about the undercover officers at work in the Louisiana-Arkansas-Mississippi tri-state area, specifically in Ouachita Parish. There is no video, but the story is a good read: Ark-La-Miss Internet Predator Sting.

    STORY #2

Now, here’s a story about a great bill with a MAJOR flaw – that apparently passed the House. While the bill (H.R. 4134, proposed by California Democrat Linda Sanchez and passed by voice vote last week) has a great intent, it has an outrageous flaw: it aims to channel $25 million over five years to ONE provider of online safety materials – the Carlsbad, Calif.-based i-Safe.

Critics and myself say that the measure is unfair to other child safety organizations and could impede competition and promote mediocrity in the field, such as our PC Pandora-based initiatives. Givng this one company that much power and control is dangerous – not to mention this is incredibly similar to a Haliburton situation. Everyone deserves a slice of the pie, espeically ones (like us) that have so much to offer. This bill, the way it is set up, is a slap in the face to other companies (like ours) and is a bad move between poliotics and business, rieking of backdoor payments.

You can read the cNet newsblog by Stefanie Olsen here: Controversy brews over online kids safety bill.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone — and know where your kids are goig Friday night!

4 Responses to “Two Turkeys for Thanksgiving”

  1. Cody Says:

    This is very interesting in my opinion it is really amazing at what goes on with our government. I would not be surprised if the company is paying congress off to pass the bill, so the company can make more money.

  2. Ken Says:

    Oh I have no doubt there is some backdoor fundage/percentage taking in this deal. Makes me so furious!! I want a piece of that pie!!!!

    PC Pandora is the best product/software you can get to keep your kids safe. It combines all functions. Why wouldn’t the government — “supposedly” the folks who are looking out for our best interest and trying to help us live and prosper — want to explore all options and beneficially programs out there before committing to one that really doesn’t do much? iSafe is just a website. Our product can teach about safety AND actually be implemented for the actual purpose.

    Whatever. I’m heated now…

  3. Cody Says:

    Interesting, I do not know if you have seen the movie “sicko” but if you have you can clearly see that the government does not care much for the over all health of it’s citizens it does however care about its money. Personally I think the congress should be passing bills that help people who are dieing because they can not pay for their hospital bills rather than spending 25 million to keep 10 year old Johny down the street safe from child predators because his parents are too lazy to teach him not to talk to strangers and not to buy monitoring software.

  4. Ken Says:

    That’s an interesting point. I did see Sicko… I should also remind you that the Government would rather do a lot of things than give free health care to kids… That is also part of the problem. Health care should be first – but it isn’t and never will be – too much money at steak (between the drug companies, HMO and greasy-palmed politicians).

    If they are spending the money on online safety programs, at least that is something GOOD that can’t be argued as a “waste”… like the millions of other things that can be.

    Still though… bottom line is that it is still mainly the parents’ responsibility. Too many of them today are so quick to pass the buck or point the finger instead of just doing their duty as responsible parents.

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