A Sad Day for the Law – Lori Drew Runs Free

Well, if you haven’t been notified yet, Lori Drew, the mother who’s actions on MySpace resulted in the suicide of Megan Meier, will not be charged. Basically, there is no law that she could be prosecuted on. Apparently, there is no crime in taunting someone and emotionally destroying them to the point that they commit suicide. I love this country… and more so, I love the “grown ups.”

The best write-up I have found so far on this story is the AP article here: No Charges in MySpace Teen Suicide Case.

It is disgusting and incredibly upsetting… But I won’t vent. I’ll say that this is an EXTREME case for the need of monitoring software like PC Pandora. Unless there is a new development in the case, I will make this my deeply saddened last post on the topic.

I will leave you with this blog post by Judith Warner on the New York Times website: Helicopter Parenting Turns Deadly.

She has some great and interesting perspectives that I share. She talks about “Helicopter Parenting,” a term used to describe the generation of parents today that are hovering parents; they run interference, they pave the way, they fight their kid’s battles for them, they protect them at all cost. In short, helicopter parents don’t allow their kids enough rein to fail, or succeed, on their own. Warner also chats with to Rosalind Wiseman, author of “Queen Bees & Wannabes” and “Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads.” There are some very interesting thoughts in here, I suggest reading it and all parents out there re-examining their over-protectiveness. In the words of my generation (X’ers and Y’ers), “Take a chill pill, yo.”

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  1. cristy Says:

    Sad case.!!Though I don’t think that one could be punished for this using the existing laws,the criminal proceeding of the land should change and allow more laws to deal with online harassment and crimes

  2. terissa Says:

    This case is another evidence of how our law system is badly ripping apart in face of morden day technology and crimes.Parental control is a serious issue now and proper patrolling of the net is a must in my opinion.!!

  3. Mark Says:

    All this really makes you wonder how beneficial the internet is for our children.!!there is a real need for proper parental monitoring and proper softwares to control and limit these atrocities.!!

  4. Danny Vice Says:

    The Weekly Vice Offers This Open Letter To St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas.

    Jan 9, 2008 (The Weekly Vice )

    Dear Jack Banas,

    The nation has been horrified as an adult mother, her daughter and an employee of the adult stalked, harassed and bullied a 13 year old minor child continually until that minor child committed suicide.

    When you reviewed the case, the nation watched as you willfully ignored a sworn statement by Lori Drew stipulating her involvement in this process. We watched when you willfully adopted Lori Drew’s new account of what happened – while failing to address Lori Drew’s previous, sworn statements. We are now watching as you willfully and neglectfully ignore the legal implications that go along with falsifying a police report.

    Jack Banas, you have claimed repeatedly that Lori Drew violated no state law or statute. You have gone on the record with these statements multiple times. What you have not done is explain why some citizens of your county are required to follow the laws of the land while others are not. Why some citizens are prosecuted for filing false reports with Missouri authorities, while others seemingly are not required to be accountable for such acts.

    On November 11th, 2006, the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department responded to a complaint that Lori Drew wished to file. The authorities in your county arrived and took Lori Drew’s detailed statement.

    The officer carefully accounted word for word Lori Drew’s statements using quotes to accurately record her words, and in this statement Lori Drew stipulated to several key facts that she now disputes. Among those key statements, Lori Drew stipulated the following:

    “Drew stated she, her daughter and Ashley all typed, read and monitored the communication between the fake male profile and Megan. Drew went on to say, the communication became “sexual for a thirteen year old. Drew stated she continued the fake male profile despite this development.”

    This statement is the exact text as stipulated by Lori Drew in the Incident Report she willfully filed. In this Incident report, Lori Drew detailed in clear language her active involvement in the shameful activities that cascaded into tragedy for Megan Meier.

    Jack Banas, Lori Drew’s current statements dramatically and compellingly disagrees with the statements she rendered as true testimony in the November 11th report. She now has stated through her attorney Jim Briscoe, the following:

    “Everything, as far as Mrs. Drew knew, was that all the communication was nice and polite and there was no harassing going on,” Briscoe said. “She did not create the MySpace account. She did not instruct anybody to create the MySpace account. She never made any communications through the MySpace account.”

    Lori Drew has also given public statements, denying that the report she filed on November 11th is accurate. In doing so, she herself calls into question the accuracy of the statement she submitted to St. Charles Deputies in her November 11th complaint.

    You Cannot Have It Both Ways:

    Jack Banas, Missouri Law demands that when a citizen files an Incident Report in the State Of Missouri, the citizen has an obligation to tell the truth.

    Jack Banas, the citizens of Missouri would like to know why some citizens of your county are expected to abide by the law and play by the rules, while others are allowed to thumb their nose at these requirements.

    Jack Banas, the citizens of Missouri would like to know why an elected county prosecutor personally reviewed this case and willfully ignored the obvious reversal Lori Drew has made in her statements between the November 11th incident report and her statements now.

    Jack Banas, since you have stated that Lori Drew did not break the law, we have no other choice but to assume that filing a false statement and/or false police/incident report with St. Charles County authorities is acceptable under the laws of your county.

    Jack Banas, you can no longer have it both ways. Either Lori Drew (and the St. Charles County Prosecutor’s office) has been untruthful with the citizens of Missouri on November 11th, 2008, or you are being untruthful with us now.

    Tax paying Missourians demand that you enforce the laws you have been sworn to uphold.

    We await your reply with voting card in hand.

    Danny Vice
    The Weekly Vice

    Contact Jack Banas here:


  5. Ken Says:

    Brah… Voh!

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