2007 Pedophile Roundup – the Year in Review

My good friends on the ChildLaw blog did a scary round-up of the year’s pedos… Check it out. While many of them are not necessarily a case of an Internet seduction, all involve the exploitation of children via pornography, and many are computer/internet-based.

2007 Pedophile Roundup – the Year in Review

As we start 2008, it is my hope that more parents will take an interest in their child’s safety when it comes to the online world. Monitor your kids online and talk to them. Use tools like our PC Pandora monitoring software to know whom your kids are talking to and where they are going online.

This ain’t your father’s hangout spot… this is the World Wide Web. There many not be too many dirtbags in your town, but they are everywhere in the world.

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  1. liame Says:

    Scary stuff..PC monitoring software is a must for parents in this diluted perverted environment that our children grow in.!

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