My-Unsafe-Space? Dang right!!

Larry King (not the CNN guy) over at wrote an EXCELLENT piece on the ridiculous flaws with age-verification and those quick to applaud MySpace’s new agreement.

PLEASE READ THIS: My unsafe space? Experts say a new pact won’t faze predators on Age verification is a weak link.

At the very end, he writes:

But police say the best security of all is a vigilant parent – one who knows a child’s passwords, monitors his online friends and activities, and keeps the computer in a public area of the home. Some even buy spyware that can record their kids’ online conversations and Web visits.

“A lot of parents don’t want to do that because they don’t want to invade their kids’ privacy,” said Montgomery County Detective Ray Kuter, an Internet-crime expert. “I say, ‘You are the parent. You need to decide what to do.’ ”

“Parents,” Kuter said, “are the best monitoring program we know of.”

I agree fully. Monitoring software may not be necessary or the right choice for everyone, but if it is the choice between a guess and KNOWING – which is the smarter choice…?

Knowledge is power. Gain knowledge with PC Pandora version 5.0 monitoring software!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “My-Unsafe-Space? Dang right!!”

  1. Mark Says:

    Good article..There are certain things that a parent must do in todays world and I for one personally feel that PC monitoring software are a must in today’s world.

  2. Richard Says:

    Yep..Pretty valid point indeed. The current age verification systems fall flat in the face of rampant online abuse and while a parent cannot totally shun a child from the growing world of internet, monitoring is something that they can most certainly do.

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