Meet an Internet Predator Vigilante

This college student calls himself an “Internet humanitarian,” but I call him a righteous vigilante with a great idea! I chuckle inside, but this is no laughing matter.

“Rob” from the Seattle area, was targeted on MySpace by a suspected predator when he computer_wizard_sm_clr.gifwas younger. Now in college, he operates undercover on MySpace from his dorm room, posing as an underage girl, building cases against predators. Since November of 2006, he has tracked down some 6,700 profiles he believes are perverts, pedophiles and predators posing as teens themselves in search of young girls and boys.

Watch the KING 5 News story here: ‘Internet humanitarian’ hunts down online predators

dog_dakota_police_dog_sm_clr.gifHey Rob, if you need some PC Pandora monitoring software, to record all of your interactions and crusading – let us know!!! We’d love to help you nab some of these pervs! Keep up the good work!

2 Responses to “Meet an Internet Predator Vigilante”

  1. Luis Says:

    Great work indeed. The net is a society in itself and it is nice to know that they are humanitarians who work for a cause without any real profit motive. Kudos!

  2. Eric Says:

    great work.! The society should take up time to appreciate such actions from a teen who has decided to spend time looking after the welfare of the internet world instead of loitering around like most of his peers.

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