Wannabe Cop Caught As Wannabe Internet Predator

Some of my favorite stories – and some of the most horrifying – are when those we trust with positions of power are caught soliciting kids on the Internet for sex. We’ve seen police, judges, D.A.s, etc… Well, here’s the story of a 20-year-old ‘Wannabe Cop’ busted in Ohio for sending porn to an undercover officer posing as a teenage girl.robber_behind_bars_md_clr.gif

You can watch the story here: Police: Wannabe Cop Caught In Internet Sex Sting.

Here’s a tip yo – pursuing underage chicks on the net ain’t the best ‘next step’ on your path to becoming a cop. Moron.

Do I have to say it? Parents can’t trust anyone but themselves to keep your kids safe. Here’s a guy who was hoping to be entrusted with keeping citizens safe – and he’s tryin to pick up teenage girls. Brah-Vo. Thankfully there were no real minors involved in this case, but there could have been. Police have seized his computer – who knows who else he was talking to and what they will find…

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2 Responses to “Wannabe Cop Caught As Wannabe Internet Predator”

  1. Herstory07 Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, glad my lists made your day. :) I completely agree with preventing online predators. I want Chris Hanson to be on television nightly, enticing the most virile and inconspicuous perverts to walk into the staged house with a 6-pack, megga box of condoms, and a dumb look that says, “Oh, I wasn’t PLANNING on having sex with her…” Ick. It’s hard enough keeping an eye on my kids without having to worry that some randy creep is prepositioning them from his/her house or place of employment. I’ve always wanted to work with an online law enforcement group, but I’m not a cop and probably am too old to try to be one now (and physically inept). Anyway… stop by again sometime, I’m sure I’ll have something better than I did this week–it was pretty rough.

  2. Ken Says:

    I loved your blog post. Seriously. We need to do better than Chris Hanson. There should be no leniency for these creeps, but we have to be smart in catching them (or they will get off — that is NOT a pun). We also just need to be smart 21st century parents. Our kids use technology to step through that doorway, why shouldn’t we use it to watch them and make sure they aren’t doing something really dumb.

    I am going to bookmark you and visit. Thanks!

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