Using MySpace to Find Rape Victims?

Please know that I don’t write these posts to be overly malicious. I’m not an man_mad_at_computer_sm_clr.gifold fuddy duddy… I’m not asking to ignore technology or smash your computer and run droids_walking_sm_clr.gifto a bunker or live in fear of a “Cybernet.” I post these to remind parents that these guys ARE out there, the threat IS real… and I hope to encourage you to do your OWN research.

When a study comes out and is incorrectly portrayed as “debunking” [what I call mythological] myths, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and tries to make you think there is nothing wrong with MySpace – just be aware of real stories that do happen to real people. Therefore, unless you are not a real person, then these things can happen to you… No one is infallible.

ABC4 and The Salt Lake Tribune both reported on a story from West Valley City and Taylorsville, Utah, where Aaron Clow, 21, was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Here’s the kicker, the girl confessed recently – she is now 16! That means she met him and was clow.jpghaving sex with him for three years!

Clow (doesn’t he look nice) is suspected of contacting underage girls via, befriending their families, and then raping the girls. Three cases are under investigation.

First of all – what kind of a loser is this guy that he couldn’t get girls his own age? He’s college aged for Pete’s sake! Why couldn’t he try the sorority houses first? A 13 year old?!?! C’mon!

Past that – what were these families thinking and doing? And why were they not monitoring their child’s social network interaction? Friend or not of the family – why weren’t they monitoring? It’s ignorance and stupidity and there is no excuse.

female_construction_stop_traffic_sm_clr.gifKnowledge is power. Attain knowledge with PC Pandora version 5.0. Keep your family safe by knowing everything that happens on your PC. Monitor all activity and know if a sexual predator is targeting your kids! There is no reason to ignore this issue. To do so is irresponsible.

Be smart and fight the 21st century fight. Monitor your child’s Internet and computer activity. security_camera_right_md_clr.gif

5 Responses to “Using MySpace to Find Rape Victims?”

  1. G Says:

    What about the British woman who was gang-raped in front of her two little kids… while one of the deviants VIDEO-TAPED it. Inevitably, it ended up at YOUTUBE… and was viewed a few thousand times before someone did something about it. I say it’s time to get rid of sites like YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook because it is not a positive reinforcer… these sites are used by criminals to perpetuate (and brag) about their crimes. Just yesterday, I went INTO YouTube to see just how easy it is to view a violent act. I saw sixteen fights between preteens and teens (egged on by adults and other kids) that took place either AT school, IN school, or NEARBY a school. Hello? Since when is watching kids fighting on a video and watching kids fighting in real life considered an agreeable act? I, for one, have jumped into a fray more than once, to pull out the kid being pummeled by the “group.” I also verbally admonished (and for some, emasculated) and shamed kids (and near-adults as well as adults) for acting barbaric. So, the viewing by thousands of people, who seemingly CONDONE such acts, only shows why violence has desensitized our society, as well as the world.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I would partly agree with what G said about youtube and facebook in that a video can go on and acquire a lot of views before the authorities step in and take action. However, lets face it these youtube, facebook and myspace are owned by bigwigs in the cyber world and the only thing one can do is to moderate and monitor your child’s access to it.

  3. Raymond Says:

    Wow..Scary stuff indeed..Makes you wonder on the so-called advantages of the e-world for our younger generation..(eek)

  4. J Says:

    The girl was 13 when he was 17 when they dated. 4 years. A lot of people marry people that are 5-7 years older. Its quite common. And she dated him for three years, she just kept coming back to be raped? Statutory rape is more like it.

  5. Ken Says:

    Point taken J. It’s not the years of age difference… it’s the maturity difference between a teenager and someone in their 20s. First of all, I was unaware the relationship started when he was 17. I did the math and since he is 21 now, I assumed the 3-year relationship began when he was 18. Either way… a 17-year old and a 13 year old should NOT be dating. It was a thing that we left in the Middle Ages for a reason. Secondly, around the time he was 18, 19 or even 20, why would you continue to date a 13, 14 or 15 year old? I mean, c’mon. You’re in college drinking with your buddies, or out in the work force earning a paycheck… and you’re going to go back home to have sex with someone taking algebra?

    This is all just the age difference… Statutory rape it may be, for the one girl here. But what about the other 3 families? I am sure more will surface. Either way, it was just lame decisions on his part and terrible decisions on the families’ parts.

    I stand by my criticism and disapproval of the entire situation.

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