What’s in a name: Pedophile?

I was just about out of luck for today’s post (I am trying to do 1 per day) and I found this excellent blog: fraudarena… and more so, this excellent post that also questions the overall tone and validity of the recent study “debunking” predator myths. In fact, I liked what they had to say so much (in many posts) I have added it to the blog roll.geek_laptop_gif_sm_clr.gif

Anyway, fraudarena’s gripe is with the misleading terminology and more-or-less not-quite-correct language used. They site the fact that this wording has resulted in “way too many folks out there with an “I told you so” reaction to this report…”

Please read the post (perverts that target kids online aren’t pedophiles?)– and take a look at the comments at the end too! The bottom line is that parenst need to be smart and not just read one thing and belive it. Do your own research and educate yourself. Only with security_camera_left_md_clr.gifmuch knowledge can you make an eduicated decision. It doesn’t take long to figure out that the threats are real and present. Magnitude varies, yes. But you can lower your family’s chances by monitoring omputer activity in your home with PC Pandora version 5.0!

“I think its important for everyone to be on the same page and not let a convenient use of words promote a false sense of security for parents with children, no matter what age… Or a subtle green light for child predators and self-seeking justification for their actions.” — fraudarena 


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