Friday Stew… Credit Where Credit’s Due

tgif_waving_ty_clr.gifAs much as I criticize and personally loathe MySpace and social networking, as a student of journalism, I try to be as objective as possible and will continue to report the on-goings of both sides of the coin. In this case, today I will applaud MySpace for (at least publicly) taking a step forward. Exclaimaition Mark 

According to stories on the web, MySpace composed a public service announcement to encourage parents to talk to children about online safety.

The ad, “Don’t Stop the Dialogue,” compares online safety instruction to teaching young children not to talk to strangers and buckling seat belts when they get into the car…

Big Fuel produced the spot. It will appear on MySpace Safety

MySpace Safety also includes safety tips and a message from Hemanshu Nigam, a former prosecutor at the Justice Department. Nigam called parents “the first line of defense” for protecting teens online and offline, “and they should have as many educational resources as possible to safeguard their families.”

Arrow Icon The second little bit of “Friday Jambalaya” (ode to my friend’s blog) I leave you with, is this article from TIME for KIDS (the Jr. version of the infamous magazine). Props to them for tackling the issue head-on with kids: Protect Your Space (in Spanish too!).

Finally, I added a few plug-ins to the blog in an effort to make it more appealing, fun and able to be shared. Big Grin Since this blog is of a professional source and nature, don’t feel it is just my mindless ramblings (though it may seem that way) and that you cannot comment and participate… By all means, do it up! Talk and share! PLEASE!

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Good step forward by Myspace..But I still dont think this will in any way deter or decrease the number of online crimes on lately. Much more stricter action needs to be taken by social networking sites if they are to create a much more secure environment for interaction

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