PC Pandora Joins the CyberHood Watch

5121d2c7-4c64-40f7-b6bb-95e99a1ff4ddimgpick12.jpgA bit of self and cross-promotion here today on the blog. I am very pleased to announce the first event I what we expect to be a long and fruitful relationship with the guys at CyberHood Watch.

Dave Ballard and Bill Wardell have started an online dobermans_no_trespassing_md_clr.gifcommunity that serves as an Internet neighborhood watch – hence, CyberHood Watch. From keeping your kids safe online to personal protection from ID theft to simplicity of using the right antivirus program, the CyberHood Watch is a place for people to discuss and get answers.

We’re very proud to partner with them. We’ll be doing radio interviews from time to time and will be an active part of their community.

old_fashion_radio_microphone_sm_clr.gifFor starters, you can go to the CyberHood Watch blog and read about the interview I did. I have added their home page to the Blogroll. You can also download this .pdf which is a series of 8 questios I answered for the guys…

You should also visit and mark their BlogTalkRadio page, which I have also dropped into the Blogroll.

But the best part, this is the direct link to the page that contains the 75-minute interview I did with Dave, Bill and “Jewel.” Jewel is a mom who used PC Pandora to save her radio_tower_sm_wht.gifteenager from a very dangerous lifestyle. We can’t thank her enough for co-guesting the interview with me and sharing her story. It is certainly one that should make parents think twice before letting their kids have free reign on the Internet.

You can also listen to it below in the player.

I don’t know what else to add other than we are so excited to be a part of this new community. And again, our thanks to Jewel for sharing her story with listeners and other parents!

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  1. Stan Says:

    Nice article and audio blogpost. I hope that PC Pandora coupled with proper parentage can make the online world a much safer place to operate on

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