Parents Beat Kid Over MySpace Page

Okay, this is a little too far. As much as the parents may have hated the idea of their 14-year-old girl being on MySpace, especially against their wishes, this is NOT the answer.

Makes me sick.

November 3, 2009
Parents allegedly beat teen for getting MySpace page
By Eric Litke, Sheboygan Press staff

A Sheboygan couple was arrested after beating up their 14-year-old daughter for setting up a MySpace page, according to a criminal complaint issued Tuesday.
Randal S. Schaal is charged with felony child abuse and the girl’s mother, Kelly J. Winter, was cited for disorderly conduct for allegedly attacking the girl after discovering the page on Monday.

According to the complaint:

The girl told police her mother discovered the MySpace page and confronted her, but she denied the page was hers. When Schaal came home, he saw the page and “freaked out.”

The girl said her father held her on the ground while spanking her extremely hard about 20 times. When she squirmed away, Schaal kicked her in the left hip, made a comment about making it “even” and then kicked her in the right hip.

Winter grabbed the girl by the hair and pushed her head toward a wall. The girl said Winter asked her, “What’s it feel like to have both your parents beat on you?”

The girl had small bruises on her right upper arm, as well as red marks on her left rib where Schaal dug his knuckles into her.

Schaal faces a maximum of three years in prison, if convicted. Winter so far has not been criminally charged, as she was cited and released, according to a police arrest log.

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