Oklahoma vs. Cyberbullying

Though there are anti-bullying laws on the books, cyberbullying is not included, and therefore – basically – legal in Oklahoma. But now a state senator is trying to close that loophole to protect kids from bullying online. Remember, of course, PC Pandora monitoring software can help end the epedemic at home by letting parents know if they have a bully or a victim in their house…

Cheers to Senator Andrew Rice!

January 07, 2011
Oklahoma Senator Rice Introduced Bill Targeting Cyber-Bullying

Sen. Andrew Rice filed legislation today to combat cyber-bullying, a growing problem among Oklahoma’s youth. Senate Bill 152 strengthens the School Bullying Prevention Act to include cyber bullying.

“We have young people injuring and killing themselves because they are being victimized by their peers via videos, texts and entries on social media sites,” said Rice, Senate Democratic Leader. “Technology is changing rapidly and this has impacted how our youth communicate and interact with each other.

Unfortunately, it has also led to a disturbing increase in cyber bullying and we must strengthen our laws in order to protect our youth from themselves and others.” Read more ›

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  2. Shelbye Says:

    I agree that something should be done! I was recently cyber bullied by a couple of guys on Facebook. Embarrassing photos were photo shopped of me and I cried for hours about this and it still hurts, but if it wasn’t for God and knowing he loves me always and that he’s placed so many others in my life that love me I didn’t try to kill myself or physically hurt myself, BUT there are other teens/people out there that do think about such terrible things! It must be stopped! So please, please! Do something about this!

  3. Kaylyn Says:

    Umm… i have had the same exact thing happen to me, except it was me best friend who was doing this to me.!

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