12-year-old gets probation and community service for hacking Facebook account

I have covered this story before in the Friday Facebook FAIL series, but with this decision from the courts, I figured it was worth its own small post.

This is the case of the 12-year-old and 11-year-old girls from Washington state that hacked into a Facebook account of a classmate and posted pornographic pics.

Read the article to find out what the two bullies got as a sentence. If you ask me, the decision is preposterous and horribly light. They aren’t even banned from social networks (even for short time)!

To me, while the prosecutors are saying this isn’t about punishment it’s about accountability – I say that message being sent and received is more of a “hey you can do this once and not get in trouble.”

Messages like that will never help end the epidemic.

But PC Pandora monitoring software will… by exposing the cyberbullies in your own home – so you, as a rational and caring parent, can put an end to it. If the parents of the 11 and 12-year-old bullies in this case were using PC Pandora, they would have seen what their kids were doing and could have kept them out off this legal mess entirely…

July 19, 2011
Issaquah girl, 12, sentenced for Facebook cyberbullying
By Warren Kagarise, Issaquah Press

A 12-year-old Issaquah girl received a suspended sentence July 13 for posting lewd photos and messages on a classmate’s Facebook page, but she can continue to access the social-networking site, albeit under adult supervision.

The sentence includes 20 hours of community service in addition to supervision for all computer use. King County Juvenile Court also ordered the girl to write a letter of apology to the 12-year-old classmate targeted in the incident.

If she completes all conditions of the deferred sentence and stays out of trouble for six months, the court intends to dismiss the charges for first-degree computer trespassing, a felony, and cyberstalking, a misdemeanor.

Prosecutors said the girl and a classmate, a then-11-year-old, posted explicit photos and sent solicitations for sex from the account for Issaquah Middle School student Leslie Cote. Her family asked for media outlets to name Leslie in news coverage to draw attention to cyberbullying and Facebook misconduct. Read more ›

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