Why bullying won’t end

This is literally one of the best op-ed articles I have ever read on bullying. Mr. Christopher, in my opinion, hits this issue with a bulls-eye. Much of his beef is with the lack of accountability; he is dead on. Please click the link to read the full article. And remember, PC Pandora computer monitoring software can go a long way in helping end the bullying problem by exposing the bullies in your won home!

October 31, 2011
Why bullying won’t end
By Paul Christopher, The Observer

The tragic consequences of a recent bullying incident in Williamsville are well known. Fourteen-year-old Jamey Rodenmeyer killed himself after years of being bullied for his sexuality. Some have turned this into a gay issue, but that narrows the problem more than it should be.

Bullying knows no boundaries. I’d guess more people are bullied for being overweight and other appearance issues than have ever been bullied for being gay. At any rate, attention is being given the subject, schools are outlining policies or strengthening those they already have on the subject, but is it enough? And, is it dealing with the real issue behind the bullying? I think not.

The real issue behind bullying and its apparent increase are twofold. The obvious change over the years is the Internet, the increased use of cell phones and so-called cyber-bullying. The victims have no safe place at all, no recourse but to remove themselves from the modern equivalent of youthful society. The bullies can now follow your child home, walk right into their bedrooms, and clearly this changes things.

The laws and rules of polite society have not kept pace with these technological advances. Laws and rules can be changed to suit the modern day reality of bullying. That leads me to the real issue behind it all, and what’s reflected in the systems set up in each and every school system as outlined in the OBSERVER recently as well as in our entire educational system throughout the state of New York, and that issue is consequences, or should I say the lack of? Read more ›

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