Is this man your hot 15-year-old net girlfriend?

My wife thinks I am crazy when I tell her this, but should the day come when I can no longer help spread the good word of PC Pandora I want to do what this guy does for a job. It would be such an easy and fun job. Think of it like the Sneakers version of Internet safety for parents. A cop up in Canada pretends to be a 15-year-old girl online and friends a bunch of students at a school. He talks with them and learns things about them. Then at a planned Internet safety meeting, he reveals that HE is that girl and makes kids and parents realize just how foolish they were for believing stranger are who they say they are online.

Of course, parents who are using PC Pandora have less of a chance of their child friending a stranger… because they would see it happen and be able to step in and stop it…

You gotta read about this guy. It’s awesome. Happy Friday – have a great weekend!!!

March 2, 2012
Is this man your hot 15-year-old net girlfriend?
By Lexi Bainas, Citizen

Darren Laur, a senior Victoria police officer who also operates a company offering personal safety training, travels widely to show high school students and their parents that Internet safety is serious business.

He told a large crowd of Grade 11-12 students gathered to hear him at Frances Kelsey Secondary last week that he had learned a lot about 30 of them while posing online as a hot 15-year-old girl.

“I’ve not only been creeping you but I’ve been texting you and some of you have been texting me,” he said, grinning wickedly at the group.

“One young man wants to date me,” he added, to groans from the students.

There were three themes in his two-hour presentation. In an article in the Citizen last Friday, we talked about what he had to say about online bullying. But that’s not the only thing to worry about. Read more ›

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