Bullying Doesn’t Stop After High School

This pertains to bullying in general, not just bullying online, but I found it interesting how the problem is highlighted in this study as something that is also rampant in college.

In my opinion, this is a reason why using PC Pandora monitoring software to know how your tweens and teens are treating others online is so important. Don’t blindly allow a bully to foster and grow in your household; find out about it and stop it before that child goes into the world with a horrible attitude towards others…

March 12, 2012
Study: Bullying doesn’t stop after high school
By Tammy Bain, Daily Nebraskan

The high school bully who stuffed kids in lockers grew up and went to college.

Christine MacDonald, a professor of educational and school psychology at Indiana State University, conducted a study called “Cyber bullying among college students: prevalence and demographic differences.” In the study, 15 percent of students reported being bullied in college, while nearly 22 percent said they were victims of cyber bullying.

Multiple studies about bullying throughout high school and middle school existed, but no reports had been done about these issues in college, MacDonald said in a news release.

Thirty-eight percent of students knew someone who had been cyber-bullied, while about nine percent said they had bullied others. Read more ›

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