It has happened again. Another young teenager decided their life was not worth living because of relentless torment and bullying, and decided to end it. Eden Wormer, 14, of Vancouver Washington hung herself last week. The family (mainly the older sister) and friends say it was because of bullying. But the school is not taking the issue seriously (in my opinion, from what I have read), nor do the police feel there is enough evidence “to indicate the bullying rose to the level of a crime.” Are you serious?

People, this has to stop.

Let’s, for a moment, try to put ourselves inside the minds of the bullies. These cold-hearted evil children decided to pick on another student, not once, not here or there, but constantly, day after day, for months. Never along the way thinking, “hey, maybe we should just leave this girl alone,” or “hey, this isn’t very nice. We should stop.” All the while, I am certain, mommy and daddy are clueless.

Now that innocent target of theirs is gone. How do they feel? How can you live with yourself knowing that the person you tormented decided to kill themself? I don’t know if there is any remorse on the part of these bullies; but I always say, ‘They didn’t feel bad when they were doing it – why would they feel bad now about what happened?’

People like that need to be punished. Severely.

If the parents aren’t going to do anything about it – because they are completely oblivious as to how their child is treating others – well, then, that is why we need laws that will punish people, regardless of age, for doing something like harassing someone to the point they decide to end their life. The problem is that laws can only punish after the fact. By then, too often, it’s too late.

If you are not using computer monitoring software to know what your kids are doing on the Internet and how they are treating others – there is a good chance there is bullying taking place right in your home under your nose. This ONE girl was tormented by a GROUP of eighth-grade girls. Like many other instances, there were multiple bullies for this one victim. This means (by sheer extrapolation of figures), there is a greater chance of you having a bully in your house than a victim.

So what are you going to do about it?

Time to stand up. Time to put our collective “foot” down as parents and not allow our children to bully others – whether it is in the hallways or on the Internet. Reactive legislation is clearly needed to help punish offenders, but the only way this problem is going to go away is if parents start getting proactive and doing what is necessary to prevent their child from being a bully. The biggest part and first step in doing that is simply knowing how they are using those devices we put in their hands, and how they are using that Internet connection we supply them with… If we don’t know what they are doing online, how can we be sure our child is not part of this global problem??

Here are a bunch of stories and some video about Eden Wormer. Please watch, read, and reflect. Question how well you know what your child is doing online…

March 8, 2012
Vancouver girl kills herself after being bullied, family says
By Dan Tilkin, KATU News

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A 14-year-old Vancouver girl has taken her own life, and her family and friends say it’s because her classmates bullied her.

Eden Wormer’s family says she tried to get the bullies to stop. Her family and friends say no matter what she did to try to fit in, a group of girls still put her through emotional torture that went on for two years.

Eden was an eighth-grader at Cascade Middle School in Northeast Vancouver.

Her father discovered her dead Wednesday morning. She had hanged herself. Read more ›

NOTE: This follow-up story from KATU asks the question: when does bullying become a crime?

March 9, 20120
When does bullying become a crime?
By Dan Tilkin KATU News

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Evergreen School District is investigating the suicide of a 14-year-old girl whose family blames her death on bullies. On Thursday, police said the bullying didn’t rise to the level of a crime.

About 200 people attended a vigil for eighth-grade Cascade Middle School student Eden Wormer Thursday night. Wormer’s family said the bullying started in sixth grade and never stopped.

But when does bullying reach the level of becoming a crime? Read more ›

Here is a story from Fox in Portland.

March 9, 2012
Family says Vancouver teen took own life over continuous bullying
By FOX 12

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – A Vancouver middle school student was remembered Thursday in a candle light vigil outside of her school.

Police say 14-year-old Eden Wormer killed herself Wednesday. Her family believes she was pushed to the point of ending her own life after continuous bullying at Cascade Middle School.

“She said, ‘I love you daddy, goodnight,’ and gave him a kiss and hug, and then the next morning he found her dead,” said Eden’s older sister, Audriaunna Wormer.

Administrators with Evergreen Public Schools say they are currently investigating whether or not Eden was bullied.

They are interviewing students and searching through files to see if Eden ever reported any physical or emotional abuse.

So far, administrators cannot confirm either way if Eden was bullied. Vancouver police say they have found no evidence that any crime was committed.

Her family, though, is convinced that’s why she took her own life. Read more ›

This final bit is from a ‘local voice’ from a Patch branch in Maryland. Being across the country did not affect this man’s rage towards the situation. His thoughts are dead on and must be read…

March 13, 2012
Bullying Claims Another: Rest in Peace Eden Wormer, Age 14
By Ron Kemp, Montgomery Village Patch

I was certain that the respite wouldn’t last long. It never does. It’s usually the quiet before the next storm.

On Wednesday, March 8, 14-year-old Eden Wormer ended her life in Vancouver, WA. According to her family, it was a direct result of bullying—bullying that had been going on for two years. Says her older sister, Audri: Eden tried everything she could think of to get the girls to stop bullying her. They wouldn’t.

Vancouver police say they have found no evidence to indicate the bullying rose to the level of a crime. I read that twice to make sure I read it correctly. So, to recap, a 14-year-old girl is dead as a result of being bullied; yet, police say they found no evidence to indicate the bullying rose to the level of a crime. No matter how many times I repeat that, it just sounds like I’m reading it wrong. I can’t imagine those words escaping someone’s mouth. Especially someone in authority. Especially at a time when the family of the person who didn’t have the crime committed against her is grieving her death. Read more ›

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