Sioux City Journal takes a giant stand against bullying

This deserves a huge, thunderous round of applause, let alone its own blog post. This past Sunday, the Sioux City Journal used the entire front page to take a stand against bullying in the form of a large picture and editorial. The move comes after the teenage bully-cide of Kenneth Weishuhn. It is the first time the paper has ever done it. I cannot commend them enough. Below are the headline and the start of the editorial that was printed. Please click the link and read the whole thing. And remember, only YOU can prevent bullying. As a parent, that means making sure you do not have a bully operating in secret in your house. PC Pandora monitoring software will let you know of your child is a cyberbully.

April 22, 2012
OUR OPINION: We must stop bullying. It starts here. And it starts now.
By the Sioux City Journal editorial board

Siouxland lost a young life to a senseless, shameful tragedy last week. By all accounts, Kenneth Weishuhn was a kind-hearted, fun-loving teenage boy, always looking to make others smile. But when the South O’Brien High School 14-year-old told friends he was gay, the harassment and bullying began. It didn’t let up until he took his own life.

Sadly, Kenneth’s story is far from unique. Boys and girls across Iowa and beyond are targeted every day. In this case sexual orientation appears to have played a role, but we have learned a bully needs no reason to strike. No sense can be made of these actions.

Now our community and region must face this stark reality: We are all to blame. We have not done enough. Not nearly enough. Read more ›

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