Wacky Internet Predator Wednesday #211

Just when I thought there would be no headlines to report this week, 6 guys from Texas managed to pull through and get busted for online predation (yeah, I made that up).

I also included 2 articles about the ongoing efforts of the Southern Tier Cyber Predator Task Force in upstate New York and the Michigan State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Happy Wednesday people! Get yourself some PC Pandora to keep them kids safe from Internet predators!

September 19, 2012
Six online predators are arrested
The Laredo Sun

LAREDO, TX. – Six predators were caught through an undercover sting carried out by deputies posing as teenagers on the internet.

Child Operation Gatekeeper was conducted this summer for the third consecutive year in which the four cyber unit investigators posed as minors to catch predators.

“We found everything from former officers of the law to office workers. They are people who don’t seem like criminals, but once on the network, they are dedicated to finding children for sex,” said Fred Garza, Sheriff Cuellar’s assistant. CONTINUE READING›

September 28, 2012
Cyber Task Force Battles Child Sex Predators
From WICZ TV 40

Detective James Broderick of the Southern Tier Cyber Predator Task Force is on the front line of the battle to stop sexual predators from targeting children. And that front line has moved on-line.

“I think it’s becoming more prevalent because of the technology. The internet is so vast. It just allows more people access to it. Back in the ’70s and ’80s the way most of the people got their child porn was through the mail through videos or magazines,” said Broderick. CONTINUE READING›

September 18, 2012
New Computer To Help State Police Check Internet Predators
By Anthony Sabella, WLIX-TV

With six kids, Jennifer Glenn of Dimondale has plenty to worry about and with most of them old enough to use a computer, she knows there is a chance they could be contacted by a stranger online.

That has already happened to her 15-year-old, Jordan.

People chatting with me on Facebook an Yahoo…I have no idea who they are,” said Jordan Glenn. “You just want to be careful.”

In many cases, those strangers can be sexual predators looking to meet up with unsuspecting children. In fact, they often frequent the same websites as children.

It is the job of the Michigan State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to go after those predators. On Tuesday, the Michigan Moose Association, in partnership with the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, presented the Task Force with what is called a “Cop-in-a-Box”. CONTINUE READING›

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