Facebook FAIL Friday #117

Another round-up of the unfortunate situations people have found themselves sin, as a result of posting something on Facebook…

The FBI has been called to investigate threats made against a western Pennsylvania school via Facebook under a fake Facebook profile that refers to one of the Columbine shooters…

October 12, 2012
Columbine threat on Facebook names Pa. school
The Associated Press

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. — A western Pennsylvania school district has contacted police and the FBI about a possible threat posted on a Facebook page created in the name of one of the Columbine High School shooters. CONTINUE READING›

Two thieves busted thanks to messages they traded on Facebook

October 12, 2012
Facebook messages implicate suspects in Bay City home invasion, police say
By Cole Waterman, The Bay City Times

BAY CITY, MI — Would-be burglars take note: if you’re planning a home invasion, you’re better off not discussing it on Facebook. According to police, a Bay City man failed to heed this advice. CONTINUE READING›

This FAIL is all on Facebook itself, not the users…

October 14, 2012
Facebook criticized by gay students for discussion group loophole
By Christina DesMarais

Facebook, long a lightning rod for criticism for lax privacy controls, is being hammered again, this time for a loophole that lets a person be added to a discussion group by a friend without the user’s permission.

At the heart of the controversy are two gay college students who reportedly had their sexual preference inadvertently exposed to hundreds of Facebook friends.

A Facebook spokesman deflected any blame pointed in the company’s direction. CONTINUE READING›

I don’t know what the comments were or if they were degrading… but this is a lesson to all to remember to be careful what you say and give it a second thought before hitting [post]

October 14, 2012
Florence school board member quits over Facebook remarks
By The Associated Press

FLORENCE, Alabama — Florence City Board of Education member Jim Fisher has resigned because of comments he made about teacher salaries on the social media network Facebook.

The Florence Times-Daily newspaper reported that Fisher submitted a letter of resignation to the board Friday. He said in the letter that he had made a “grave mistake” by publishing his comments in a public forum. CONTINUE READING›


October 15, 2012
Woman Charged With Felony After Posting Undercover Cop’s Picture on Facebook

A Texas woman is facing a felony retaliation charge after she allegedly posted a photograph of an undercover narcotics officer on Facebook and identified his job.

Melissa Walthall, 30, told Mesquite police she saw the photograph on a flyer three weeks earlier and posted it because her friend was upset with the officer’s testimony on drug charges, according to a federal affidavit. CONTINUE READING›

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