Wacky Internet Predator Wednesday 221

I think the predators were too full of Turkey this past week, because the only story I have to share is this conviction in a case that dates back to the Myspace days of 2009!

PC Pandora 7 will let you know who your kids are talking to online and who is trying to talk to them!

November 27, 2012
St. Paul man guilty of cybersex with child
By Joy Powell, Star Tribune

The prosecution proved the 66-year-old man and a boy had an online sex relationship; the defense says the state law is unconstitutional and is appealing.

A Ramsey County judge has convicted a St. Paul man of having cybersex with a child — a felony under state law — though the defendant claimed the boy had lied online by claiming he was 16, the age of consent for such activity.

Thomas F. LaBlanc was found guilty of solicitation of a child for sexual conduct via the Internet, punishable by up to three years in prison or a fine of up to $5,000, or both.

He was prosecuted under a state law that makes it a crime to solicit children to engage in sexual conduct or to communicate sexually explicit materials to them. The defense challenged the law’s constitutionality. CONTINUE READING›

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