Student accused of cyber-bullying English teacher expelled

As someone who is very close to a teacher, I am hoping this sort of sets a precedent. Immature punks need to be punished, severely, for bullying teachers… let’s not forget, teachers are adults. As an adult, teacher or not, how would you feel if some little jerk started bullying you online…? Would you want them punished, or allowed to do it, just because they want to…?

Not a hard question to answer.

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November 30, 2012
Student accused of cyber-bullying English teacher expelled
By Brian Lee Telegram & Gazette

SOUTHBRIDGE — A police officer went to the home of a Southbridge Middle/High School student Thursday to hand-deliver an expulsion letter that said he cyber-bullied his English teacher.

The messages were “highly inappropriate” and “sexually derogatory and sexually threatening,” the expulsion letter said.

The student, 18-year-old Christopher Latour, is a senior at the school. Mr. Latour said in an interview he created a spoof web portal that he said “snowballed” into a forum for others to lash out at his English teacher.

Mr. Latour was found to have violated district Internet use and bullying rules, according to the expulsion letter written by Amy B. Allen, a district administrator who served as hearing officer for his Nov. 20 hearing. CONTINUE READING›

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