16-year-old Girl in Florida Commits Suicide; Friends Blame Cyberbullying

It has happened again, an innocent life lost… But while friends are blaming social media websites and anonymous cyberbullies, police are saying the young lady had a history of mental illness and that there is no evidence of the bullying. School officials cite no records of physical bullying instances in school. Of course, the police and the school being in the dark is no catalyst for proving there was no bullying online… whatever the investigation reveals, this is sad and unfortunate. Our hearts go out to the family and close friends of Jessica Laney.

December 12, 2012
Cyber-bullying, social media blamed after Florida teen commits suicide
By Rheana Murray, New York Daily News

Jessica Laney, 16, killed herself after being bullied online, friends say.

Friends of a 16-year-old Florida girl who killed herself this week are blaming social media.

Pasco County high school student Jessica Laney hung herself late Sunday, police told the Daily News. Her friends say cyber-bullying on the website Ask.fm is what pushed the troubled teen over the edge.

Laney, a bright-eyed soccer player who beams in her profile photo, maintained an account on the social media site, where users interact by asking each other questions.

Posts on Laney’s page range from the innocent – “What class do you like the most?” to the shockingly cruel – “Why are you so ugly?” and “Just kill yourself. Your worthless.”

Laney’s friends say she couldn’t handle the torment. CONTINUE READING›

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