Facebook FAIL Friday #124

Four stories this week remind us how powerful Facebook is… get a free copy of PC Pandora to know what your kids are doing on Facebook!

A Facebook dispute ends in a shooting…

Dec 9, 2012
Facebook dispute leads to shooting in downtown Louisville, victim’s family members say
By Mark Boxley, The Courier-Journal

A 29-year-old man was taken to the hospital early Sunday when he was shot in downtown Louisville after what family members say was an ongoing dispute on Facebook.

The man, who was not identified, was shot about 5:30 a.m. while driving west on Main Street near Campbell Street, Louisville Metro Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said.

The man had been in an ongoing dispute with several other people for about two weeks that continued when he went to a club on Story Avenue, Smiley said. After leaving the club, the man was shot in the torso while driving and was taken to University Hospital, she said. The victim was the only person in the car, she said. CONTINUE READING›

A bad mall Santa gets fired after one mother complains on Facebook and several others share their similar stories… on another note, the reason for the complaint (not allowing a child to sit on Santa’s lap because the mother didn’t purchase pictures) is 100% valid. If you are a parent today, ask your parents how much visiting Santa used to cost. Like $5. Now, they want you to buy $50-$200 picture packages. At the place I went last year, they didn’t allow you to take your own. SO it was their overpriced crap packages, or a miffed crew of minimum-wage elves and a Santa who wasn’t to thrilled to have another cheap kid on his lap… Horrible. Way to ruin the show, guys…

December 9, 2012
Bad Santa Fired from Mall Gig After Parents Complain on Facebook
By Kevin Collier, The Daily Dot

If you find your mall Santa experience unsatisfactory this year, be sure to complain on Facebook.

It could get Santa fired.

That’s what happened at the Maine Mall in Portland. On Monday, Mother Jess Mailhiot wrote on the mall’s Facebook page that the mall’s Santa refused to let her young daughter sit on his lap because she didn’t purchase picturesCONTINUE READING›

Aside from the obvious fact that child pornography is one of the worst evils in the world, if you are going to partake, don’t be so stupid to share images on a public social network!!

December 11, 2012
Facebook pictures lead to arrest of Phoenix man
By Mike Gertzman, azfamily.com

PHOENIX — A Phoenix man is facing ten counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor after he allegedly uploaded child pornography pictures to Facebook.

In Aug. 2012 Facebook officials reported the images to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Facebook account was identified as belonging to Kenneth Cyrus, 36. An investigation revealed that the IP address used to access the Facebook profile was assigned to the Cyrus residence in the 14000 block of N. 20th Pl, near Cave Creek Rd. & Thunderbird Rd. CONTINUE READING›

Kind of a fail on Facebook’s part… 1 billion users you say??? Others say differently…

December 11, 2012
Facebook’s Fake Numbers: ‘One Billion Users’ May Be Less Than 500 Million
By Janet Tavakoli, Huffington Post

Facebook’s reported user numbers appear to me to be off by a country mile. Multiple user accounts seem to be chronic. Moreover, besides run-of-the-mill fakes and duplicates, Facebook’s identity-theft-enabling business model is, in my opinion, a disgrace for any U.S. public company. Yet Facebook’s prospectus and 10Qs for the periods ending June 30, 2012, and September 30, 2012, make no mention of the words: imposter, impersonator, or identity theft. CONTINUE READING›

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