Keep your laws off my Facebook

Interesting piece on the unnecessary new state law proposed in Arizona… or is it necessary and Fox News just happens to have it wrong…? Use PC Pandora monitoring software to know what your kids are doing on Facebook. If they are impersonating and bullying others – you will know!

January 4, 2013
Keep your laws off my Facebook — why Arizona’s good intentions are a bad idea
By Gary Shapiro, Fox News

The best thing about the Internet is that it has grown, flourished and created new businesses, industries and jobs, all with minimal government involvement. But recent efforts by legislators are showing that may be changing soon. As the old saw goes, if it moves, government will seek to restrict, regulate or tax it.

The latest example is in Arizona, where Republican State Rep. Michelle Ugenti has introduced a bill that would make it felony to use another person’s name without permission to create a webpage with “harmful” intent. Ugenti says House Bill 2004 is modeled after a Texas law that prevents people from threatening or harassing someone through electronic communication.

At first glance, this may sound like a good idea. An effort that could prevent individuals from harming and defrauding others sounds like a common-sense solution to this type of “fraud.” The problem is that many people create legitimate pseudonyms for all sorts of reasons, whether it be to find out information on what their child is doing online, to create a parody, or to protect themselves from others, including those in power, who may not like what they are saying. None of these types of impersonations are harmful, and creating these can be considered a form of freedom of speech. CONTINUE READING›

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