England’s new Childhood Guru says NOT spying on youngsters’ internet and mobile exchanges is ridiculous!

Just look at the sub-headings! Why can’t we have someone like this that speaks the truth in the US… oh yeah, that’s me! I’ve been doing it for years! PC Pandora computer monitoring software will let you know exactly what your kids are doing online and who they are talking to!

  • Claire Perry said parents must view children’s texts and internet exchanges
  • Said parents need to challenge idea that children can keep them private
  • The Tory MP for Devizes appointed David Cameron’s adviser on childhood
  • Wants internet safety taught in class and crackdown on raunchy videos
  • Said society is ‘complicit’ in culture where children can contact strangers

January 20, 2013
Snoop on your child’s texts: It’s bizarre that parents treat youngsters’ internet and mobile exchanges as private, says PM’s childhood guru
By James Chapman, Political Editor, Daily Mail UK

Parents should insist on seeing their children’s texts and internet exchanges, David Cameron’s new adviser on childhood urged last night.

Claire Perry said that in a world where youngsters are surrounded by online dangers, parents should challenge the ‘bizarre’ idea that their children have the right to keep their messages private.

In her first interview since being appointed last month, the 48-year-old mother of three added that society as a whole has been ‘complicit’ in allowing a culture where youngsters can make inappropriate contact with strangers at all hours of the day and night. CONTINUE READING›

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