Wacky Internet Predator Wednesday #226

This week’s round-up is a story on Operation Wicked Web, a sting op conducted in California that busted drug dealers and online predators, and “Catfishing”, the new-name-for-an-old-trap your kids may be falling into… PC Pandora computer monitoring software will let you know if your child is talking to an online predator or catfish.

January 15, 2013
Drugs, sexual predators the focus of Operation Wicked Web
From the Corning Observer

An undercover investigation targeting criminal activity on the Internet in Tehama County netted 26 arrests over the past three months, Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen reported.

Investigators from the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations worked to identify, investigate and arrest people who used the Internet as sexual predators and to deal narcotics, Cohen said.

The investigation was called Operation Wicked Web.

“This is a proactive approach to fighting crime in our county by getting to the drug dealers before their drugs hit the street. This same approach also stops child sex predators before they actually meet with real children,” Cohen said. CONTINUE READING›

January 21, 2013
Online Safety: Kids and ‘catfishing’

Everyone should be concerned about falling prey to internet scams, especially parents.

“We need kids to be aware, we need them to use the right types of technologies and tools to protect themselves and the kids around them,” says McAfee chief privacy officer Michelle Dennedy.

Dennedy suggest parents use the ongoing Manti Te’o scandal to teach their children.

“It’s a good teaching tool. I’m sorry that it had to happen to this young man but I’m certainly using this story in my own home as an example,” Dennedy says.

She says have a conversation with your child the way you’d tell them about the birds and bees, with an emphasis that online you never talk to strangers either. CONTINUE READING›

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