Another cyberbullying-related suicide

Young Tori Swope was bullied online. She committed suicide. How many more times does it have to happen before parents wake up and take steps to stop this…

PC Pandora can be used as a weapon against cyberbullying. It’ll let you know if you have a bully operating in secret in your house… or it will help you collect evidence if you have a victim.

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January 30, 2013
When cyber-bullying leads to suicide

According to cyber-bullying statistics from the iSafe Foundation, more than half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online.

The problem turned very serious for Lana Swoape.

“It’s just so unreal. I can’t believe my baby’s in the ground. You’re not supposed to bury your kids,” she says.

Her daughter locked her bedroom door, tied a scarf around her neck, and hanged herself 20 minutes after a normal conversation with her mom. CONTINUE READING›

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