Teens don’t care about Facebook, according to Facebook…

Facebook finally felt compelled to let the public know that teens aren’t that into the social network anymore. Unfortunately, they are flocking to Instagram, which is basically a single-purpose app/site for sharing photos. Do you know what photos your child is taking and then sharing with the entire world on Instagram?? PC Pandora computer monitoring software could let you know!

February 1, 2013
Facebook: Teens might be so over us
The social network isn’t as hip with the cool kids as it would like to be. Thank goodness Facebook has a lifeline in Instagram.
By Jennifer Van Grove, cnet.com

Facebook has a new, potentially more troubling problem than mobile. The social network can’t seem to keep its youngest users oh-so-totally preoccupied with its apps and services — be they Web or mobile.

Facebook’s teen users are switching their attention to other applications, the company warned in the risks section of its 10-K annual report, which was filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The legal disclosure, included below, marks the first time Facebook has felt the need to share the youths-are-fleeing message with the public. CONTINUE READING›

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