North Idaho Family Discovers How Real Online Predators Can Be

You have to read this real story that is all-too-common around the country; use PC Pandora computer monitoring software to know who your kids are talking to online…

February 21, 2013
UPDATE: North Idaho Family Discovers How Real Online Predators Can Be

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Many parents of teenagers fear that their child might become a victim of an online predator. One Idaho family discovered that fear can sometimes become a reality.

Hannah Masters, the creator of the website was looking through her email when she discovered a Real Time Notification in her inbox. When she viewed the email she saw that her 15-year-old son and his best friend were involved in a heated argument over a new girlfriend her son’s best friend had recently had.

Hannah approached her son about this and he explained to her that the argument had spawned from her son telling his best friend he thought his friends’ so called girlfriend was “fake” because the two had never met, instead they had exchanged sexually explicit messages with each other.

Hannah asked her son why he thought she was fake. Her son did a Google search of the name used by the alleged girlfriend which in turn pulled up pictures of a professional Canadian model named Kaitlin Chapple.

KHQ Local News contacted Chapple Wednesday who told us she has never spoken with the teen and assumes that he is being “catfished” by someone. Catfishing is where you use another person’s identity in order to gain personal information about them. CONTINUE READING›

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