Kenyatta Parker, 15, committed suicide after receiving a barrage of negative posts on Facebook

Another lost life to cyberbullying… how many more times does this have to happen before parents wake up and realize they are the key to ending this. Teach your child compassion. Teach them to be nice (a lesson not often taught today, sadly). And WATCH what they do online and how they interact with others. 100% of cyberbullies operate in secret (from their parents). PC Pandora computer monitoring software will pull back the veil of secrecy and expose cyberbullies in their own homes.

You don’t want to admit it, but the truth is there is a better chance of you having a bullying your home operating in secret than a victim suffering in silence…

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Ms. Parker’s family…

March 20, 2013
Mitchell: Bolingbrook teen apparently takes her life after cyber bullying
By Mary Mitchell, Sun-Times

Kenyatta Parker, 15, committed suicide after receiving a barrage of negative posts on Facebook

Kenyatta Parker seemed to have everything going for her.

The pretty 15-year-old Bolingbrook High School student was an honors student and had recently won a speech contest.

Her mother, Yolanda Parker, moved from the West Side to Bolingbrook so that Kenyatta and her younger brother could go to a better school.

But on March 12, Parker’s world fell apart when her daughter allegedly hanged herself in the family’s garage because she was distraught over a barrage of negative posts on her Facebook page.

Lt. Michael Rompa, of the Bolingbrook Police Department, said Kenyatta’s death is still under investigation pending the coroner’s written report and toxicology results.

But Parker said her daughter left a 12-page suicide letter describing bullying behavior that apparently sent her over the edge.

“I opened the garage and I saw her. I said: ‘Why are you standing here in your tank top?’ ” recalled Parker, who added that she didn’t realize her daughter was hanging.

“The girl had wrapped a cord six or seven times around her neck. I ran into the kitchen and I got a knife thinking I could cut her down. She was dead weight and I couldn’t hold her. She fell on me with her eyes open.” [READ FULL STORY]

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