Maryland passes cyberbullying law

This is, in fact, good news. If parents could do their job right, and stop cyberbullies, we wouldn’t need laws like this. So before you cry about your loss of free speech (in this case, the right to harass and willfully cause emotional distress to someone online), just know that it is the overall collective of general parenting that failed here. By failing to teach their children to be kind to others and failing to monitor how their children were using those powerful high-tech devices they so happily placed in their children’s hands, parents have essentially made this happen.

Use PC Pandora computer monitoring software to know your child is bullying someone online. Do YOUR part to end this horrifying ridiculousness, and then maybe the government won’t need to put laws like this into place…

April 4, 2013
Senate Passes Cyberbullying Bill Named After Md. Teen Who Committed Suicide
CBS Baltimore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Cyberbullies in Maryland will soon face tougher punishment after lawmakers in Annapolis unanimously voted to pass Grace’s Law.

Grace’s Law is named after a Howard Country teen who committed suicide after being bullied online. The bill now makes it a crime to bully minors on social media.

For 15-year-old Grace McComas, social media was the source of constant torture.

Online bullies would bombard her with messages like “I hope you die. Go kill yourself.” [READ FULL STORY]

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  1. Susie Says:



    just ban smart phones for kids under 18 and supervise them on the family PC.

    If that happened all these cyberbullying suicides would not have happened.

    Children under 18 can drink alchol, they could drive cars – BUT WE DONT LET THEM BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE THE EMOTIONAL MATURITY.

    Same with the internet.

    Does anyone stop to think why it is the teens not the adults who are killing themselves from cyberbullying??????

    Its because they should not be given these devices.

    Every silly parent who gives their child a smart phone has blood on their hands.

    Just dont. And watch them look up at the sky, look you in the eye, learn to empathisize by reading faces, learn to read long books.

    Give them a life. Take away the phone.


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