Be a mean mom parent — protect your child from cyberbullying

This quote from the article says it all… coincidently, I have been saying this for 6 years.

“Go on. Be a mean mom or dad, and find out what your kids are doing online or on their phones. It just might save your child’s life.”

Use PC Pandora computer monitoring software to know what they are doing on the computer and online…

April 28, 2013
Be a mean mom (or dad) — protect your child from cyberbullying
By Penny Young Nance,

If you’re the parent of a teen, you have witnessed this scenario at your own kitchen table, I’m sure. Less talking. More texting. Virtual conversations, whether via smart phones or social media, consume our kids’ existence.

Our children’s social lives are no longer played out at home and at school, where adults are present, but now inhabit dark corners of the Internet. As parents, we want to believe these are harmless digital exchanges with their school friends — but what if they’re not?

Over 88 percent of teenagers say they have seen someone be “mean” and “cruel” to another person on a social network site according to the Pew Research Center. The most common form of cyberbullying is wide distribution of intimate information to the public.

Having private text messages forwarded without consent or having an embarrassing picture posted on Facebook without permission can lead to a tidal wave of emotional and verbal abuse. Now anyone and everyone can provoke a cyber attack without fear of consequences, or so it would seem.

But the consequences are very real. According to the Cyberbulling Research Center, virtual attacks result in teenage depression, low self-esteem — and worse — suicide. [READ FULL STORY]

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  1. Susie Says:

    NO smart phones during schools hours.


    then the schools have no liability for cyberbullying.

    And no decent parent would give a child a smart phone. they need a license to drive on the internet. No drinking, no driving, no unmonitored at home internet use.

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