Cyber-Bullying at Palm Desert High School

This is sad because things like this are almost entirely preventable… the only reason bullying like this exists is because the bullies are allowed to operate in secret, using their parents’ internet connections and the devices their parents placed in their hands… just as much as you have to keep them safe from what’s out there (on the net), you need to take steps to know what your kids are going inside the home with the technology you give them. Know if your child is a cyberbully with computer monitoring software like PC Pandora.

But it is excellent to see a student speaking out and the district taking the issue seriously…

May 10, 2013
Cyber-Bullying at Palm Desert High School
By Angela Monroe, KMIR

There is a disturbing case of cyber-bullying at Palm Desert High School.

School district officials say they won’t tolerate it, and neither will one of the victims.

She’s speaking out exclusively to KMIR6 news about the attacks directed at her.

A Palm Desert High School student says cyber-bullying is rampant at her school.

She says the malicious social media accounts where it came from are now shut down, but before they were they attacked students, including her.

There was cruel gossip on a Facebook page called PDHS Confessions; students would anonymously submit comments, many mean, that were posted on the page. [READ FULL STORY AND WATCH VIDEO HERE]

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