12-year-old Gabrielle Molina of Queens Village (NYC) hangs herself; cites bullying in suicide note

Another senseless tragedy… right here in my town. This could have been prevented. I hope the bullies and their parents are proud of their work.

Sooner or later, parents will get it. Sooner or later, they just have to understand that they are the key to preventing this. Don’t let your child be a bully. Know what they are doing online and how they are treating others.

Just as much as you fear your child may be a victim, you should dread the notion you child is a bully. It’s up to you to find out either way and stop it…

May 27, 2013
Queens girls, 12, hangs herself as it’s revealed school cyberbullies called ‘her a slut and a whore’
Gabrielle Molina of Queens Village was found hanged at home. She left a note saying she was being harassed by students at her school, Jean Nuzzi Intermediate School 109.
By Joseph Stepansky, Vera Chinese, Tom Tracy, Ben Chapman and Ginger Adams Otis, New York Daily News

The devastated parents of Gabrielle Molina said the 12-year-old girl had been tormented by schoolyard bullies for months — and the abuse may be the reason she hanged herself in her Queens home.

The tragic tween’s older sister Georgia, 15, found the girl’s body about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in their shared bedroom at their Queens Village house, their sobbing mother Glenda Molina said Thursday.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed Thursday that Gabby left a suicide note that talked about being bullied.
Cops are investigating whether Gabrielle was a victim of online harassment as well as face-to-face abuse.

Pals of hers said Gabby got into a fistfight with another girl that was videotaped and posted on YouTube. They also said she had a history of cutting herself and had recently broken up with a boyfriend.

“There was information in the suicide note concerning cyber bullying,” Kelly said. “Detectives have taken two computers from the home and they will shortly be analyzed. It’s a terrible tragedy.” [READ FULL STORY]

Know what your kids are doing online with a program like PC Pandora computer monitoring software. Be the 21st century your kids and your community need you to be.

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