Summer break leaves kids vulnerable to online predators

I have literally been saying this for years… PC Pandora computer monitoring software will let you know who your kids are talking to and making friends with online this summer…

June 5, 2013
Summer break leaves kids vulnerable to online predators
By Kim Russell (WXYZ)

As school lets out for summer, investigators say more and more kids fall victim to child predators online.

The U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations Cyber Crime Center is working to bust internet predators. It is responsible for more internet crime prosecutions than any other agencies.

“Last year there were more than 1,600 arrests worldwide, and among them 1500 were in the United States,” said Acting Agent In Charge William Hayes.

He wants to share with parents the information he has learned through his investigations into predators, so that they can protect their kids.

Hayes says the biggest recent change is how predators are targeting kids. They are now using not only home computers, but cell phones, iPods, iPads, and apps to contact potential victims.

As a result parents need to be more vigilant than ever. [READ FULL STORY]

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