Wacky Internet Predator Wednesday #243

This week, there are two stories of uncaught predators… one is from Canada – the other features a friend of PC Pandora – Bill Latchford. I REALLY wish I could embed the video, but please follow the link to the 2nd story below to watch the story!

And, of course it goes without saying, PC Pandora monitoring software will let you know if your kids are talking to an internet predator!

Online predators are abound in Canada…

June 7, 2013
Parents be warned: Kids sharing nude photos online, Ridge Meadows RCMP report
By Thandi Fletcher, The Province

It was the simple click of a photo posted to her teenage daughter’s Facebook page that left a Langley mom deeply disturbed.

The link opened up a series of shocking images showing two young children, who looked about eight years old, performing sexual acts on each other.

“It’s disgusting,” Traci-Lee Burchell told The Province. “It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Burchell regularly keeps tabs on her daughter Hailee’s social-media activity, but she never expected to find child pornography posted to the 16-year-old’s Facebook profile.

The photo appeared on Hailee’s page without her knowledge after she did something almost every other teen regularly does on social media — she “liked” a page with a picture of a cute kitten that had gone viral.

Hailee’s just one example of how efficient Internet predators are becoming at reaching children on social-media websites. Even more shocking, police say, is that predators are now going after even younger kids. [READ FULL STORY]

There’s a predator targeting kids in central PA…

June 8, 2013
Local Online Predator Lurking?
By Aaron Cheslock, WTAJ-TV

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY – One investigator says there might be an online predator in central PA.

State officials say child abuse and neglect rates reached an all time high in 2012.

One way the crime has evolved is through social media.

WTAJ News spoke to a local investigator who thinks there’s a man posing as a woman online right now in central PA.

An investigator in Tyrone says there’s a person on Facebook with a woman’s picture who’s friends with around two dozen boys in Tyrone.

He says the picture’s been altered and thinks it could be a dangerous online predator. One of many that could be in our area.

Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, online predators are a real threat in central Pennsylvania.

Bill Latchford says an altered picture, and a lot of young boys as friends, leads him to believe an online profile is probably fake. [CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO WITH OUR FRIEND BILL LATCHFORD!!]

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