Facebook FAIL Friday #143

An old-school out-of-control party, like something from a ‘80s teen flick, born out of a private Facebook invite… and a page set up to cyberbully students at a high school… more ways Facebook can lead to a big fat FAIL…

June 10, 2013
Facebook riot at £1million house: 30 cops battle with 150 gatecrashers after lad’s end-of-exams party descends into chaos
From The Mirror

A lad whose end-of-exams house party turned into a violent brawl with police will face more drama tomorrow – as his parents return from holiday.

Tracker dogs and a police helicopter were called to break up 17-year-old Jacob Little’s rowdy bash, which had been advertised on Facebook, after 150 people descended on the £1million home.

Party-goers hurled bottles, squad cars were damaged, an officer was hurt and a boy said he was bitten by a police dog as revellers and officers clashed. [READ FULL STORY]

It takes a certain kind of unpleasant, vile person to create or participate in something like this…

June 17, 2013
Offensive Newberg Facebook page taken down
By KGW News

NEWBERG, Ore. — A Facebook page that existed solely to victimize Newberg students was taken down after parents complained Monday.

School is out for summer, but that didn’t stop the moderator of the “Nancy Newberg” Facebook page from harassing and cyberbullying students with extremely vulgar posts over several days.

“Nancy Newberg is mainly a page that gives you a chance to blast” people, the page creator explained in the first post. “You message me telling me who and what you would like it to say. I promise that I will keep your blast on the down low, so give it a shot.” [READ FULL STORY]

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