Student sues after school uses Facebook bikini pic in seminar

This is such a hugely important story and I can’t wait to see what happens. Surely it will be tossed out and not even make it to trial, but it is just sooo like this generation of young kids who have opened their lives to the general public and people they don’t know, and then cry about it when someone does anything to infringe their privacy. And, this is the generation that seems to believe they can get a lot of money for doing nothing… it’s my opinion that she is not inflicted with emotional distress over the photo, but rather feels she should simply be paid for the use of it…

Lesson to be learned – don’t want to be used as the “what not to post online” photo? Don’t post a bikini shot of yourself online… simple as that. Anything you put up there is fair game for anyone to see and use (unless it is trademarked or copyrighted intellectual property)…

Parents, do you know what your kids are posting online? Do you know how they are representing themselves on the internet to the world? PC Pandora computer monitoring software will tell you if you don’t know… and, most likely, you don’t, so I’d urge grabbing a copy and finding out.

June 23, 2013
Student sues after school uses Facebook bikini pic in seminar
By Chris Matyszczyk,

Should you have ever posted an image of yourself in a bikini on Facebook, it is likely that you are not entirely ashamed of your features.

Should that image also include a cardboard Snoop Dogg, you are perhaps aiming for a touch of humor, or a hope that, one day, Snoop sees it and favors you with his patronage.

However, should you be 17 and a school administrator uses your Facebook bikini image to tell a story of how photos live online forever, you would surely sue for $2 million.

This, at least, is the decision of Chelsea Chaney, who is now a freshman at the University of Georgia but is still so very appalled and says that the school didn’t have permission to use the shot.

WSB-TV describes her as being “horrified” and “humiliated.” Some might wonder whether she’s also “humongously hoping for cash” at the notion that her photo was used in an Internet safety seminar. [READ FULL STORY]

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