Boredom breeds cyberbullies…

This is a great story on the link between boredom and cyberbullying… there may be something to this…

June 27, 2013
Boredom is to blame for most cyberbullying incidents, claims expert who’s identified the key tactics of trolls
By Sarah Griffiths, Daily Mail UK

Trolls operate out of a feeling of power, amusement, boredom and revenge and thrive on the anonymity which the internet provides, new research suggests

Boredom is behind many incidents of cyberbullying and trolling on social media sites, according to the first major study into the matter.

Linguistics expert Dr Claire Hardaker, of Lancaster University, studied almost 4,000 online cases involving claims of trolling.

She has revealed the methods most regularly used by trolls on sites such as Facebook and Twitter to trigger outrage for their own amusement.

Trolling is a phenomenon that has swept across websites in recent years where online forums, Facebook pages and newspaper comment forms are bombarded with insults, provocations or threats. [READ FULL STORY]

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