Facebook FAIL Friday #144

Just because Facebook is digital does not mean it does not have real-life repercussions. Here are a couple of recent examples of how saying something on Facebook can really come back to haunt you…

This poor guy got into an argument on Facebook with someone else over a video game and, well, said some stuff that he probably shouldn’t… but is now in a huge life-altering ordeal that will haunt him forever…

July 3, 2012
Jailed Facebook teen finally getting day in court
By Doug Gross, CNN

(CNN) — A Texas teen who’s been jailed more than four months for a Facebook comment he made during a video-game argument is finally getting a day in court that could let him go home.

Justin Carter, who was 18 when he was arrested, will appear in Comal County (Texas) District Court on Tuesday, July 16, for a bond hearing, according to his lawyer, Don Flanary.

Flanary told CNN he will argue to have Carter’s $500,000 bond, which his family cannot afford to cover, reduced.

Flanary, who is working the case for free, met with Carter for the first time on Tuesday. He said Carter is not doing well, and his family says he has been placed on suicide watch. [READ FULL STORY]

This guy was ordered to not contact his ex-girlfriend at all… but I guess he thought contact on FB was an exception to the rule…

July 4, 2013
Facebook Messages Spark Arrest of St. Charles Man
Police say 16 posts to an ex-girlfriend violated a no-contact bail bond.
By Ted Schnell, St. Charles Patch

Facebook, Twitter and other social media have become the places where people show off, even have fun posting photos, smart-alecky comments and sharing thoughts or events in their lives.

But, one St. Charles man recently learned, posting on Facebook also can get you arrested.

James Edward Huver, 35, was charged Saturday, June 29, 2013, at the St. Charles Police Department, with violation of bail bond over 16 Facebook messages to his former girlfriend. [READ FULL STORY]

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