Facebook FAIL Friday #145

More reasons to know what your kids are doing on Facebook… there is more than one instance in here where parental awareness may have helped prevent disaster…

Is this cyberbullying… or is it just ‘calling it as I see it.’

July 5, 2013
Facebook page nails Hamptons D-bags for their bad behavior and maddening antics

Beware, Hamptons idiots — the D-bag patrol is on the prowl.

A Facebook page that documents the maddening antics of East End summer crowds has exploded in popularity this season, gaining nearly 1,000 followers with hundreds of postings of beachgoers at their worst.

Founded by a fed-up year-round resident, “Douche Spotter” has posted pictures of men pumping gas in Speedos, grown women arguing over parking spots and clueless moms getting high-end strollers stuck in the sandy beach.

Even Paul McCartney’s ex, Heather Mills, is captured on the site getting a traffic ticket in her white convertible.

“This all started last summer when I saw a guy doing something really annoying, and I just wanted to punch him in the face,” explained James Cuomo, 26, a construction worker. “But I figured that it would be smarter to go after him on Facebook instead.” [READ FULL STORY]

Even lawyers get in trouble for saying stupid things on Facebook…

July 5, 2013
Lawyer’s Facebook post no laughing matter in Beach
By Kathy Adams, The Virginian-Pilot

A social media post has fueled a squabble between two local attorneys, leading to a defamation lawsuit and contributing to a crackdown on electronics use in the city’s General District Court.

At issue is whether a Facebook post of a photo taken inside a courtroom this year was a harmless joke or a damaging misrepresentation, according to the lawsuit and response, filed in Circuit Court this spring.

The case also highlights the issues that courts must weigh in deciding whether to allow cellphones and other electronics inside and what limits to put on their use. [READ FULL STORY]

THANKFULLY this guys is headed to jail…

July 9, 2013
Facebook troll jailed for threatening to kill 200 US schoolchildren
Briton Reece Elliott given 28-month term for online comments that led to students being kept away from schools in Tennessee
From The Guardian

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Reece Elliott, 24, left comments on an online tribute page to a Tennessee teenager who had died in a car accident. Photograph: Northumbria police/PA

A British internet user who posted threats on Facebook to kill 200 US schoolchildren in the wake of a mass shooting at a primary school has been jailed for two years and four months.

Reece Elliott, 24, was sentenced at Newcastle crown court after admitting communications offences. He had posted messages on tribute pages set up for two US teenagers who had died in road accidents.

More than 3,000 children were kept away from school in Warren County, Tennessee, the day after he left the remarks. A 15-year-old girl who challenged his comments was told: “You have been chosen tomorrow at school to receive one of my bullets.” [READ FULL STORY]

I assume you are aware of the boy in Texas in jail for basically making a threat to kill kindergarteners (albeit jokingly, on Facebook) right after Newtown… well, someone must like him – they put up his $500,000 bail. Whoever it is, is anonymous.

July 11, 2013
Facebook ‘massacre’ joker out of jail
A mystery benefactor puts up $500,000 bail money to release Justin Carter from his Texas jail, where he awaited charges of making terroristic threats.
By Chris Matyszczyk, cnet

Justin Carter, who has become something of a cause celebre for those who wish to preserve sarcasm online, has received substantial financial help from someone who may or may not be a celebrity.

Carter was released Thursday, after an anonymous donor put up $500,000 of bail money.

Should you have been busy organizing your own personal asylum lately, Carter is the 19-year-old from Texas who was thrown in jail for what seemed to be an ill-timed joke, after a fractious game of “League of Legends.”

In reply to someone offering that he may be insane, he posted on Facebook: “I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten. And watch the blood of the innocent rain down. And eat the beating heart of one of them.” [READ FULL STORY]

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