Missing girl mix-up leads to cyberbullying of boy

This is why there should be a sort of intelligence and comprehension test administered for internet privileges… you should be able to show you can hold restraint from being an immature idiot. This poor kid has to endure the wrath of moron cyberbullies, all because he did the right thing…

July 11, 2013
Missing girl mix-up leads to cyberbullying
By Janice Broach, WMC-TV

GERMANTOWN, TN- (WMC-TV) – Concerns of a missing Germantown teen’s supposed disappearance spread rapidly on social media Monday night. Photos and missing posters were shared through emails, tweets, and Facebook posts.

Police revealed Tuesday that the 15-year-old was never missing. But one of her friends received plenty of blame and hurtful messages on social media regarding the situation.

Conner Buse, 16, just thought he was spending the day with a couple of friends – one of them including the 15-year-old girl. The night of the missing reports, Buse sent out a tweet that said she had been with him all day. [READ FULL STORY]

Use PC Pandora to know if your child is bullying someone for simply doing the right thing…

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