How parents can better understand cyberbullying

Good article that spells out the reality of cyberbullying for parents.

It actually tells parent to monitor social networking and do their part to prevent cyberbullying…two points that are often missed.

PC Pandora computer monitoring software will let you know if your child is a cyberbully…

August 16, 2013
How parents can better understand cyberbullying
By Holly Campbell

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – As many kids head back to school this week it’s a good time to discuss bullying with your child.

“There’s the bully, the bullied, the person who is the victim and there is the bystander. Your kids will probably be in one of those roles in the next year.”

But one form of bullying may be difficult for parents to understand. Purdue family studies professor Judy Myers-Walls said since many parents didn’t have access to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter when they were their child’s age. For them, cyberbullying is unfamiliar territory.

Parents often don’t understand those technologies,” Dr. Myers-Walls said. “Kids are at the cutting edge and parents try to catch up.”

She said the first step to monitoring your child’s social media life is to first understand how sites like Facebook and Twitter work. [READ FULL STORY]

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