Facebook FAIL Friday 158

The FAILS just never end. Use PC Pandora monitoring software to know what your kids are doing on Facebook…

More reasons there are no photos of my child on the internet… and a new low for humanity…

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November 5, 2013
Facebook Group Bashes Baby Photos

PHOENIX, Ariz. – In Phoenix, a Facebook page that insults babies and toddlers has parents outraged and get this: a group of mothers is accused of being behind it.

FOX’s Jill Monier has the story.

It’s bullying of a different kind — not by teens, but by mothers and their targets are little toddlers and babies.

This is outrageous.

A Facebook group of grown women is taking part in what some are calling “toddler bashing.”
The group was taking photos of children, from other Facebook accounts without the owner’s knowledge, then posting them to make fun of the kids. [READ FULL STORY]

And another simple case of threats on Facebook leading to charges…

November 6, 2013
Facebook threats lead to intimidation charges for Ray man
By Tyler Buchanan, Vinton County Courier

Alleged Facebook threats led to a Ray area man being charged with intimidation last month.

Ely Workman, 18, of Ray, was arrested for reportedly threatening to assault another male. The threats apparently came after the other male had filed a criminal complaint against Workman’s young brother, a juvenile, according to a report from the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office. [READ FULL STORY]

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