15-year-old St. Pete girl charged with stalking in cyberbullying case

Something tells me the girl’s parents had no clue what she was doing to her former friends… PC Pandora computer monitoring software will let you know what your child is doing on the computer.

November 7, 2013
15-year-old St. Pete girl charged with stalking in cyberbullying case
By Weston Phippen, St. Petersburg Times

ST. PETERSBURG — Police arrested a 15-year-old St. Petersburg girl Thursday who they say sent hundreds of threatening text and computer messages to other teen girls, telling one to commit suicide so she didn’t have to murder her.

Authorities charged the girl, whom the Tampa Bay Times is not identifying because of her age, with three counts of aggravated stalking and one count of tampering with a witness, all felonies.

Over the course of eight days, police said, the girl sent hundreds of threats like this one: “You’re a pathetic piece of s— … Nobody likes you … I hate you so much … I hope to cut you b—-.”

The girl used a messaging app called Kik to send the texts, the same application used by two teen girls in Polk County arrested in mid-October. Those two are accused of bullying Rebecca Ann Sedwick, who after a year of persecution from her peers, leaped from an abandoned cement factory silo to her death.

Police interviewed the St. Petersburg girl sending the texts on Monday and learned she had once been friends with three girls she targeted; they all attend St. Petersburg High School.

At some point the girl felt disenfranchised from the group and began sending the threats, police said. [READ FULL STORY]

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