FBI Gives Inside Look at World of Online Predators

I mean, the cops are literally trying to warn you that this is a reality they deal with every single day… why is every parent not using PC Pandora monitoring software!

November 16, 2013
FBI Gives Inside Look at World of Online Predators
The face of the “online predator” has changed, according to the FBI
By Danya Bacchus, NBC 7 San Diego

Online predators have long been a concern for parents and law enforcement, but the ease with which those predators connect with children may be surprising, even in this digital day and age.

The FBI says it’s not just computers, but cell phones, iPods – anything that can connect your child to the internet – that could put them in harm’s way and in the clutches of an internet predator.

And today, the definition of a predator has changed, according to Special Agent Dan Evans.

“Online predators now are everybody. They’re not just the creepy-looking guy that everyone associates [the term] with. A 13-year-old girl can be your online predator,” Evans explained.

With the trend of “sexting” among teens, or exchanging sexually explicit photos or text messages, a new culture has grown. [READ FULL STORY]

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