Mom stunned by horrible social media bullying of daughter

This happens every day in every town in this country. Why do so many parents only care when their child is discovered to be a victim? Why is nothing done to prevent the bullying in the first place.

Parents should use PC Pandora monitoring software to know what their kids are doing online and to find out if they are bullying someone else.

November 19, 2013
Mom stunned by horrible social media bullying of daughter
By Kim Posey, FOX 31 Denver

DENVER — As parents, it can be difficult to protect our kids from bullying and monitor all their social media accounts.

But Naomi Lowell will tell you just how important she thinks that is.

The mother from Highlands Ranch checked her 13-year-old daughter’s accounts recently, and was horrified by what she found.

“Awful stuff, like go kill yourself,” the mother cried. Lowell says there were terrible comments and threats on her daughter’s Facebook page and on, a social networking site based in Europe, that allows users to post comments and questions anonymously.

“Seeing a question like ‘why haven’t you killed yourself yet?’ And her replying with something like, ‘Yeah maybe I should.’ How do you wrap your head around that?” the mom said.

Lowell says she contacted school officials, who responded immediately by investigating and also talking to her daughter about any participation she may have had in the exchanges. [READ FULL STORY]

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