Cyberbullies face 5 years in jail under new Canadian law

Yet another thing American can learn from Canadians.

Parents in Canada can use PC Pandora monitoring software to help their child avoid jail time!

November 20, 2013
Cyberbullies face 5 years in jail under new law
By Daniel Proussalidis, Toronto Sun

OTTAWA – Sexual cyberbullying will become a crime punishable by up to five years in prison if a new Conservative government bill becomes law.

“It’s crime where a simple click of a button can have irreversible, irreparable repercussions for youth,” Justice Minister Peter MacKay said Wednesday.

MacKay’s bill would make the non-consensual distribution of “intimate” images or video illegal.

The bill would also expand the power of police to seize a suspect’s computer or other electronic devices and track their online activity.

“This is an investigation that requires judicial oversight,” MacKay said. “That is to say that warrants will be required for the purposes of investigating these type of crimes.” [READ FULL STORY]

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